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I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for many years, took medication and tried cognitive behaviour therapy techniques and nothing had worked. I still lived my life feeling anxious. A friend of mine who had already been helped by Kevin recommended I contacted him.

I spoke with Kevin on the phone first and because money was tight he suggested I purchase the anxiety program online rather than see him at his clinic. He said that the program was all that I needed to be totally anxiety and panic attack free. I have to say I didn’t believe him at first but I knew after speaking with him that he understood everything about anxiety and how it needs to be treated properly.  

With the money back guarantee I knew I had nothing to lose and Kevin assured me it would work for me, all I needed to do was apply myself to it. Needless to say on receiving the program I immediately learnt and then applied the Rapid Removal Technique to stop having panic and anxiety attacks. I have to say it was really strange but it worked just as Kevin said it would and I have not had an attack since. Very odd but brilliant. Within a matter of weeks my   anxiety had gone completely, again, just as Kevin said it would. I didn’t have any panic attacks, I didn’t worry any more and I was sleeping better than I had ever slept before. I did feel a different person and life had very dramatically changed for the better for me. I can’t thank Kevin enough and that was the reason for me writing this testimonial. Months later I am still anxiety, panic and worry free. I know I will never experience those feelings ever again because of what Kevin’s anxiety program has taught me.

I had looked at other anxiety and panic attack programs being offered on the internet and some were a lot more expensive than Kevin’s anxiety program and some were less expensive.  Money was a factor for me but I’m really glad I spoke with and purchased Kevin’s anxiety program. It worked for me and was at a price I could afford.  I found the program very comprehensive and could always speak with Kevin directly if I needed help or support.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, fears or excessive worry; my experience is that it will work for you and with Kevin’s ongoing support you are only a short time away from being anxiety free forever. I now know why Kevin called the program that!

M. Hounslow

West Midlands

Hi Kevin
Thank you for your email.
I am feeling pretty good to be honest.
I feel more equipped to deal with the crap that I get at work even to the point that I am not thinking about it outside of work hours, it doesn't make me anxious any more
because I know that whatever these people throw at me I can deal with.
I would say I am all round a happier person .

Thank you so much for all of your help.

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The Complete Anxiety Program is
  NOW ONLY £9.95
AFF Program Contents

"It’s Kevin’s wealth of experience that is all important, his wealth of accumulated knowledge has led to enhanced logical multidisciplinary modes of treatment. With years of hands on experience this puts you in a position that you get the benefit of  the most rapid way of removing anxiety and stress in your workplace and personal life"

- Professor Ronald Barnes MB,BS, CBiol, FIBiol, MRCS, LRCP, FRCPath, MD, DSc -

Are you suffering with any of the following?

Anxiety – Panic Attacks– Stress – Worry – Fears – Phobia

If you are ... then as the UK's Leading Therapist in this field for more than 22 years I have a program for you that can remove all the above and that has already proven to work with many thousands of people

   This is fast, simple and easy to apply

            The Anxiety Free Forever (AFF) Program Works and it will work for you

The Rapid Removal Technique will allow you to remove your anxiety/panic attack within seconds; this is only a matter of minutes to learn to apply - a full video explains this simple technique for you

You have absolutely nothing to lose apart from your anxiety/panic attacks

What is the Anxiety Free Forever Program?

AFF Program Contents

A complete, concise, proven way for you to rid yourself of anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, worries, concerns, and stress in the shortest time possible, permanently! This program has already proven successful in helping many thousands of people suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias and stress.

I have helped many thousands of people remove their anxiety, fears and panic attacks permanently. The program is designed to help you do that as quickly as you want to, everyone is individual, so you decide how soon you want to be to be anxiety, panic and fear free

With some individuals it's a matter of days; to remove the anxiety/panic attacks completely and permanently takes on average two to three weeks for everyone that applies themselves to the program

You get complete support from me personally every step of the way, by email, phone or Skype, whatever you feel is best for you.

This is a proven program that works for everyone that works it. The guarantee I give you gives you complete peace of mind, the only thing you will lose are your anxieties, panic attacks and fears..

Some people have asked me why I don't charge more for my program now and the answer to that is very simple. I decided to help people like yourself who are suffering with the condition. The only price you now pay is less than ten ounds and your time to apply yourself to the program and live the rest of your life anxiety, panic, fear and worry free. Whatever price you may be prepared to pay is not important. What is important is that you remove those anxieties, panic attacks and fears with a program that has proven to work with thousands of people, that gives you personal support and a 100% guarantee.

To instantly and rapidly remove those anxieties, worries, fears and panic attacks simply complete your purchase and the program contents will be instantly available for you to download,


For more details and to find out ways where I can help you HERE

But is it for me?

panic attack treatment in the UK

Yes... The Anxiety Free Forever Program can help YOU... no matter what your age, career or gender! Whether you are a business man or woman, retired, a home maker, a student, the AFF program can work for YOU!


It is a proven method that has helped thousands of people from all walks of life, I have treated and helped a wide range of people ... from a child of 11 to a elderly ex SAS gentleman of 72



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